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Wellness & Relaxation Gift Box

Share the gift of self-care and relaxation with our exclusive Wellness and Relaxation Gift Box—an intentional and uplifting gesture to send positive energy and love. This exquisite gift features soothing chamomile tea, a rejuvenating bath soak, and more, offering a therapeutic escape for those seeking a moment of self-care and healing. Elevate your thoughtful gesture with this meticulously curated ensemble designed to inspire wellness and relaxation.

Ideal for expressing care, for birthdays, or as a gesture of support, our Wellness and Relaxation Gift transcends ordinary gifting experiences, ensuring your thoughtful present becomes a cherished source of tranquility and rejuvenation.

  • Vessel Gratitude Journal
  • Samovar Chamomile Twist Herbal Tea
  • Merigold Coconut Rose Bath Soak
  • Anellabees Raw Clover Honey
  • Dardimans Crispy Mandarin Slices
  • Handmade Dried Floral Bundle
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