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Restore & Heal Gift Box

Elevate your expressions of care and support with our Restore and Heal Gift Box—a generous and thoughtful expression of love for a friend in need. This restorative gift features calming chamomile tea, a luxurious bath soak, and more, providing a soothing embrace for those on the road to recovery. Elevate your gesture with this carefully curated ensemble, designed to encourage a moment of respite, deep breaths, and the beginning of a healing journey.

Ideal for sending support, get-well wishes, or as a gesture of solace, our Restore and Heal Gift Box transcends ordinary gifting experiences, ensuring your thoughtful present becomes a source of comfort and rejuvenation.

  • Vessel Gratitude Journal
  • Samovar Chamomile Twist Herbal Tea
  • Merigold Coconut Rose Bath Soak
  • Le Feu de L'eau Gris Votive Candle
  • Handmade Dried Floral Bundle
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