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New Mom & Baby Gift Box

Celebrate the joy of motherhood with our New Mom and Baby Gift Box—an intentional and heartfelt gesture designed to be cherished by both the new mom and baby. This beautifully curated gift box is filled with essential items that facilitate a seamless transition and enhance the bonding experience. From timeless baby essentials to nourishing treats, it's the perfect embodiment of love for a growing family.

Perfect for baby showers, postpartum visits, or as a timeless expression of love, our New Mom and Baby Gift transcends ordinary gifting experiences, ensuring your gesture becomes a treasured part of their journey.

  • Booby Boon Lactation Cookies
  • Merigold Coconut Rose Bath Soak
  • Sweet Deliverance Turmeric Superseed Granola
  • Lewis Baby Swaddle
  • Marlowe & Sage Cloud Teether
  • Mini Bloom Toot Toot Diaper Balm
  • Handmade Dried Flower Bundle
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