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Celebrate With Bubbles

An ideal gift for any occasion that calls for celebrating and having a good time. From the bottle of bubbly, to the delicious creamy caramels and confetti, this party in a box is the perfect way to help someone kick off any celebration. Whether it be a birthday, job promotion, new home, engagement, or seasonal holiday, this fun-filled box will certainly do the trick.

  • Bottle of Brut Blanc
  • La Boite Vadouvan N.28 Air Popcorn
  • Fruition Wild Bolivia Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Le Bon Garcon Salted Caramels
  • Raaka Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Knot + Bow Beeswax Party Candles
  • Knot + Bow Party Confetti
    Total: $197.00