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Artisan Chocolate

An indulgent gift box for all the chocolate lovers. A showcase of artisan chocolate makers and the delicious products they produce. From the sweet saltiness of the Fossa Sea Salt Chocolate Bar to the creaminess of the Pump Street Oat Milk Bar, there is a little something for everyone. A decadent gift box that is perfect for the holiday season and all year round.

  • Morito Hazelnut Chocolate Sticks
  • Fossa Sea Salt Chocolate Bar
  • Ritual 75% Peru Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Dick Taylor Vanilla Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Pump Street Oat Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Handmade Greenery Bundle

*Please note that due to Covid, our new biscuit colored boxes are experiencing delays from our supplier. We will be substituting as needed with alternative packaging. Rest assured your gift will still maintain the elegance and beauty you have come to love from Valleybrink Road.

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